descriptionAn attempt to serve the svn:// protocol from git repositories (in python)
ownerJulian Phillips
last changeMon, 26 May 2014 22:18:43 +0000 (23:18 +0100)
2014-05-26  Julian PhillipsAdd LICENSE file master
2010-09-27  Julian PhillipsAdd support for the pseudo directories to check-path
2010-09-27  Julian Phillipscheck-path doesn't always include a revision
2010-09-27  Julian PhillipsImprove error detection in complete_commit
2010-09-27  Julian PhillipsStart tightening up checking in complete_commit
2010-09-27  Julian PhillipsDon't call rev-parse unless we have a valid ref
2010-09-26  Julian PhillipsUse pseudo pre-commit hook to prevent tag commits
2010-09-26  Julian PhillipsAdd support for pre-commit hook
2010-09-26  Julian PhillipsFix commit commands so that error syntax is correct
2010-09-22  Julian Phillipsos.popen3 is deprecated too ...
2010-09-22  Julian Phillipsmd5 is deprecated
2010-09-09  Julian PhillipsSwitch update command to use DeltaCmd
2010-09-09  Julian PhillipsAdd a diff command
2010-09-09  Julian PhillipsFix _path_changed
2010-09-09  Julian PhillipsPull out the switch command processing into a base...
2010-09-09  Julian PhillipsCombine multiple entries for one path into a single...
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